I’m not one for giving a disclaimer for my opinions, but I do want to note: I’m not claiming anyone is anything. I’m simply explaining what I’ve seen as a blogger myself.

When I was younger, I collected magazines and catalogs—Delias, Alloy, Teen, All About You, Young and Modern (or YM)—all of them. I studied all the pages, take the quizzes, read the articles, then rip out the pages of the outfits I wanted to recreate.

I never thought anything of it really, until one day I realized a lot of these models looked the same. They were White, mainly with blonde hair and super skinny.

I didn’t know anything about Photoshop at the time, or exactly how the industry worked, but I do remember thinking, “I’m going to make a magazine that has all races and sizes.” I was 12.



Not a lot to say, but I wanted to post these quotes of inspiration that I've pinned for myself. Sharing is caring, right? And hey, I do care.


Have a great weekend!



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One thing I try to do when I send off client work is a handwritten 'thank you' card.


I'm all about personal and authentic communication. Sure an email is great, but it can be impersonal and who wants to be like that?

So let's change it.

Let's bring back the personal thank you that aren't a mass Tweet or a shout out on a Facebook page. 

One way?

Grab some of these beautifully designed cards at the FIVE12 STUDIO shop They're a great way to bring back personal communication between you and the person receiving it.

And take it from me, a handwritten 'thank you' means a lot.

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Happy Monday!

I was scooping  Designlovefest and Bleubird's blog when I came across this list. I like it, so I wanted to give it a shot.

Eating / More green. I'm good on carbs and protein, but I need to find variations to prepare veggies. No kale. I'm not a fan.
Drinking / Water. I'm really good at this, mastering 100 ounces a day. That's right. With it being 100+ degrees and me working out, this is important. Proud of myself.
Practicing / Patience and endurance both in my personal weight loss journey and working. Things will happen when they happen.
Mastering / Chin ups. I really want to be that bad ass girl in the gym that does 12 in a row and not look like I'm dying.
Learning / To stop comparing myself to other and the dance to Grown Woman for the Beyoncé concert.
Trying / To get back into yoga or some form of meditation.  I need to be centered.
Playing / With other forms of art. Painting and calligraphy have taken a backseat and that's no bueno.
Finishing / A wedding video for a friend. I will do this.
Reading / Good question. What do you recommend that's not sad and has a bit of humor?
Remembering / To fully embrace each day. I'm alive, I'm breathing, that's more than enough.
Wearing / Shorts. It's too hot to be insecure about my legs/I have two pair of jeans I can make into shorts.
Cooking / Something in a crockpot that's healthy and will last at least 3 days. It's too hot to use the oven.
Working / Harder & smarter but not to the point of exhaustion.
Traveling / More. I long for New York. I low-key want to go camping (Uh...glamping).
Wanting / Simple happiness.

What are your goals? Copy and paste, fill this out and let me know via comments, Twitter or Facebook.

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I’m tired.

No, that’s an understatement.

I’m exhausted.

There are so many things going on all at once, all of this change…and I’m really exhausted. I’ve felt my brain go to mush and I’m just…spent.

In January I made a goal to grow my blog over the next year.

Really focus on it, the content, plan, plan, and plan some more.

I was going to triple my audience by following some simple easy steps I saw on the web.

Now, I’m not here to insult anyone who has done that or written said articles. They've been helpful. But what I’m saying is…

It’s driving me mad. I’ve always loved blogging because I like the idea of sharing things that I like or that I have to say.

I never paid attention to numbers, posting times, comments, where to share them, insights, SEO, bounce rates, blah, blah, blah, blah. But when I told myself I was going to grow my blog, I became obsessed and let it run me. If a post I posted didn't get as much love as I thought it should, I became overwhelmed with trying to push said content then felt like a failure.

I want this to be successful, and in my quest to success, I’m going crazy.

So you know what I’m going to do? Break every rule I’ve read about having a successful blog.

Alright: Not every rule. I will cut myself some slack though. There are other things outside of this that I can’t control that I have to deal with, so why not let my blog be a place of escape. The objective hasn’t change: I still want to help and inspire people and I will continue to do that.

But all the other pressures I’m taking off of myself. I appreciate the readership, the number of people I’ve “met” via blog that I now talk to on Twitter and that’s what it’s all about.

So I’m breaking the rules. Consider me a blogging rebel.

Until next time,